Characterizing the heart of Assagao- Goa, SEA aims at creating an honest and welcoming experience that lures locals and visitors alike with its seafood and southeast Asian cuisine with a young and airy vibe. Aiming to curate costal food with a menu crafted to offer a multi-course experience of unadulterated and simple flavours, we are excited to open up a delicious world that exemplifies our love for great food.

Located in a striking 1800 Portuguese villa with contemporary food and
drinks, SEA is inspired by travels and culinary journey over the years in south east Asia, specially the spice trade route regions. SEA is a personal ode to the coast – and its untethered beauty.

High ceilings lit by chandeliers, delicate arches and positive vibrations resonate with the vision that we had when we first thought of this food lovers haven. Pale yellow floors, tiles in soft shades of green and the use of natural wood and cane perfectly complements the cuisine and contributes to a well-lit and happy environment. Wooden tables and benches complete the design with an outdoor seating so that the midnight blue sky and stars can be the perfect companions to the patrons.

With a wholesome experience of shareable small plates, grills, meal plates and SEA Signatures, a visit to this restaurant is sure to be a treat for the senses and an attempt to epitomise our love for flavours. Quenching your thirst is a bespoke beverage program reflecting modern mixology through techniques that will ensure you raise a glass, or even two.




GOA's new restaurant

S.E.A is stirring up a different kind of coastal cuisine

Welcome to SEA

A restaurant with a new vibe and food, to set your mind on afloat a South East Asian cuisine experience

Set Up Your Festive Table

From refreshing coolers and inspired finger food to wrapping up on a delectable sweet note, chefs reveal the best plates this season.


Wow. What a fantastic experience from the second we entered. We’ve loved everything about this place. They’ve spoilt us rotten. Looking forward to coming back soon.

Rakhee Shah

Lovely setting.. old portuguese villa... wonderful staff. Delicious food. Candlelight ambience.

Pooja Bedi

The ghee roast mutton was so succulent!
They also have some amazing cocktails!! Not to be missed!
The service is also top class! One of the best places I've been to in a long time!

Parvati Vaze